Public Auction Announced - Closing Shop

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Many of you have asked in the past couple of weeks why are we closing down the shop, this article is meant to explain that and to make some other announcements related to this matter.

As you all probably know, cryptocurrencies took a huge blow during 2018, we, as a business tried to manage the downfall, which wasn't easy.

In Q4 of 2019 we received more bad news, we operate in more than 3 sectors of the crypto industry, inculding an exchange and so on. One of the subsidiary service of our company had legal issues that started to affect us too.

We had to take a decision...

Starting May 1st we discounted all miners marking the start of the Closing Sale.


The Supreme Court of California took the decision to close down our entire company along with all the subsidiary services, we were given time to sell our assets till August 28th 2019.

All assets that are not being sold by August 28th 2019 will be put up for public auction organized by California Department of General Services, through the Office of Fleet and Asset Management(OAFM).

For sale, in this auction alongside other goods, there will also be all the miners that haven't been sold till June 28th.


On September 4th 2019 10:00 AM, at the state warehouse located at 1700 National Drive in Sacramento, CA 95834, USA we INVITE you to participate at the PUBLIC AUCTION.

All miners will be brand new, sealed, in original packaging, and they will all have manufacturer's warranty.

Thank you,

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